Case Study

The Leather Room — Designed for the 2022 Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse


The Transformation

This room with leather wallpaper was designed for the 2022 Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse. We designed the space as a sitting room for the homeowner, a place to entertain. Our approach with the space was to maximize the lake views outside the leaded bay window while also incorporating the original stone wood burning fireplace. We chose to cover the walls in locally-sourced leather for a very unique and custom wall installation. The ceiling was covered in a metallic sheen to disburse the ambient light that comes into the room through the windows and to reflect the crystal ball chandelier. The lighting was selected for its dramatic appearance and to give the room a wow factor. The furniture was a collection of sophisticated modern pieces and precious antiques, giving the room a collected over time feel. A notable piece is the100 year old gilt federal mirror placed above the fireplace. The theme continues with the artwork – a collage of modern and original artworks.  


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