Case Study

River Hills Dark, Moody Bathroom and Steam Shower

Dark Moody Bathroom:

The Transformation

This dark and moody bathroom was designed to be dramatic. The dark tile was selected first and the rest unfolded as a lavish retreat for the husband of the house. This bathroom was outfitted with ambient lighting and custom products like a solid walnut vanity built to the exact measurement of space. High quality materials including granite and slate tile mosaic flooring were selected for the bathroom. The end result was a masculine styled, luxury bathroom fit for a king.


Steam Shower Bathroom:

The Transformation

The steam shower bathroom in the River Hills modern house was designed to be a spa environment. The key element of this design being the steam shower. Completely waterproofed, this room was fitted with porcelanosa tile and a Kohler steam unit, the benches are made from Quartz, and the accent wall is an aluminum mosaic tile with gold finish. All of these high end design choices, materials, and fixtures transformed this bathroom into a beautiful, relaxing environment full of luxurious, understated touches.

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